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Brazilian School of Language and Culture in
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Jaqueline Menezes 

is graduated as a teacher at the University of São Paulo Anglo Latino and the creator and founder of Brasileirinhos - School of Education of Brazilian Culture in the Netherlands.


Viviana Rosa - Coordinator

Lùcia Boonstra

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ABOUT Brasileirinhos

Playfully offer and mediate of Brazilian culture to Brazilian children between 4 and 10 years who live abroad.
Playful learning is significantly better for the child. "The game is not just a hobby, it helps the development of children, promoting socialization process and the discovery of the world" (Juliana Tavares Mauritius).
  • Learning the language, culture and important basic knowledge about Brazil.
  • To stimulate the Brazilian children to appreciate the culture of their country of origin.
  • To stimulate habit and the appreciation of the Brazilian Portuguese language.
  • Encourage the expansion of cultural references in order to enable children respect for diversity and to develop a critical mind, that goes beyond the stereotypes.


  • Aula de Amsterdã 8
  • Aula de Amsterdã 7
  • Aula de Amsterdã 6
  • Aula de Amsterdã 5
  • Aula de Amsterdã 4
  • Aula de Amsterdã 3
  • Aula de Amsterdã 2
  • Aula de Amsterdã 1


Pieter de Hoochstraat 78
1071 EJ Amsterdam


About the lessons

Near the Museumplein
What time: from 10h to 12h
When: Every Saturday of the month
How many lessons: 11 per year
February: Carnival (our rhythms, music and dance)
March: Brazilian artists and celebrities
April: Day of the Indian / States of Brazil (and their curiosity)
May: Mother's Day
June: June festival
July: *surprise*
August: Fathers day
September: Independence of Brazil (our history)
October: Children's day
November: *surprise*
Dezember: Our christmas

Contact information

Jaqueline Menezes ( PT/ EN/ NL )
Mobiel: +31 6 23 86 46 28

Viviana Rosa ( PT/ EN/)
Mobiel: +31 6 44 75 44 34

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Total amount of lessons: 11 per year.
Price: €30,- per lesson.

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